Only 15% of students complete post-secondary education yet 67% of all new jobs will require post-secondary education. 

The Vision and Mission

We will create a movement to ensure every child has the opportunity to reach their dreams.

We provide mentorship, in-school learning, summer opportunities, and scholarships to help ensure students have access to post-secondary education and employment.

Our Program

To help students get to and through post-secondary education, we provide four critical pieces of support:

(1) in-school learning, (2) mentorship, (3) summer programs; and (4) scholarships.

  1. In-School Learning

    1. We hire a college intern to work 10-hours per week at each of our partner high schools. The college intern is an alum of the high school she works at and she meets with our high school mentees to provide further support and guidance.

  2. Mentorship

    1. We pair high school students with college mentors who are alums of their high school. The mentors check-in with the high school students monthly to help them navigate high school and reach post-secondary education.

    2. We pair post-secondary students with young professional mentors, who share their career interests. The mentors check-in with their mentees monthly to help them navigate their post-secondary education and secure a job. 

  3. Summer Programs

    1. We connect high school students with summer programs, which help students discover career interests and expose them to college.

    2. We connect post-secondary students to summer internships which help them reach their career goals.

  4. Scholarships

    1. We provide scholarships to help students attend summer programs and reach post-secondary education.

The Staff

Neeraj Salhotra

Executive Director

Juanita Selena Parra

Assistant Director

Momentum Education | 713-320-0303 |

P.O. Box 66146, Houston, TX 77266

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